A Tale of Two Advents

As I prepare alongside Christians across the world for the coming of the Christ Child, I am also entering the final stages of my preparation for my year abroad. The ticket is purchased, my visa will (hopefully) be in the mail in a few days, and I’ve decided which suitcases I’m going to fit my possessions into. Of course, many of the upcoming 30 days until January 8 will be spent with family, celebrating the holidays and seeing as much family as I can before I depart for the year. Realistically, my remaining 30 days to prepare are actually more … Continue reading A Tale of Two Advents

Wow! You’re Here!

Welcome to my my debut blog post! I’m so glad you’re here! I’m so excited and happy to be going to South Africa this fall, and I hope that you enjoy following along with my various adventures over the course of the year. I know that I’ll be working in an Anglican parish in Alexandra, which is outside of Johannesburg, in their youth ministries. I’ll be posting again when I get more specific information about how I’ll be serving at my placement. And now, a quick tour of my blog: On the main page you’ll be able to find all … Continue reading Wow! You’re Here!