Wow! You’re Here!

Welcome to my my debut blog post! I’m so glad you’re here! I’m so excited and happy to be going to South Africa this fall, and I hope that you enjoy following along with my various adventures over the course of the year. I know that I’ll be working in an Anglican parish in Alexandra, which is outside of Johannesburg, in their youth ministries. I’ll be posting again when I get more specific information about how I’ll be serving at my placement.

And now, a quick tour of my blog:

On the main page you’ll be able to find all of my blog posts. Before I leave, I’ll only occasionally be posting when I have a particular reason or big news to share. After I arrive, I plan on posting every 2 weeks. Additionally, I’ll be keeping a photo gallery that I’ll be adding to sporadically. I also plan on frequently creating short posts about small moments of joy. I’ve named these “smile moments” and you’ll be able to see just those posts by clicking on the “smile moments” tab.

If you’d like to message me directly, you can find a form to do so in the “Talk to me!” tab.

The “Donate” tab is what it sounds like. If you’re interested in donating to support my service, you can use that tab to get the documents you need to do so. I’m hoping to raise $10,000 before my year of service finishes. I really appreciate any support you give, monetarily or otherwise.

Finally, the “Others Serving” tab will give you the links to the other blogs of the amazing people in YASC and EVIM this year. Take it from me, they are all wonderful people doing really cool and amazing work.

If you want to be updated when I make a post in future, the subscribe form should be on the right of your screen.

As a reward for visiting my blog, please enjoy this picture of me feeding a 4 day old baby goat:

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