Welcomed Home

After about 24 hours in transit from my house to Father Clayton’s, I’m finally here and have officially started my term of service! For the first few days I have been welcomed into Father Clayton’s (the rector of St. Michael’s and All Angels’ Church) home as I get settled and get over jet lag. I’m getting so much support and advice every step of the way as I settle in, which is very welcome.

My travelling process was blessedly boring, so luckily I have very little to say about my ~15 hour plane ride and customs. When I arrived I was met by Father Clayton and his daughter Jodene. On the ride home I saw Alexandra and other important areas of Johannesburg from a distance and continued outside the city where they live with unbelievably beautiful landscapes (photos in the gallery). Shortly after a nice family dinner I could hardly keep my eyes open in the chair I was sitting in, so I turned in. Today has been relaxing and slow. I learned a little bit more about the parish in Alex, which I’ll meet officially in two days. Jodene and I took a short walk and are had a picnic and might go swimming later. I’m so grateful for this calming transition time and looking forward to the next steps of this process.

9 thoughts on “Welcomed Home

  1. Wonderful wonderful wonderful. I’m so glad for this time in-between where you are taken care of. Can’t wait to see everything in person.


  2. Hi Marilee! How exciting! Glad to have found your blog and to hear you arrived, your flight was uneventful and you have a welcoming family to stay with for this transition. Blessings on your year!
    (PS do you send notifications when you post on here?)


  3. Hello Marilee!!
    So glad to hear your first report.
    Greetings to your hosts, with gratitude from one who has experienced the wonder of southern African hospitality.
    Love Wendy


  4. WOW look at you adulting, and such adventures ahead. I am very happy to “follow” you along as you go. 🙂
    You are held in our prayers(so are Mom and Dad BTW ). ❤ Safe travels!


  5. Hello Marilee from Xenia, Ohio. I am glad to hear of your safe arrival to South Africa. I’m excited to hear all about your adventures and service. I’m all signed up to hear more when you post. Until the next time. BTW – I am a member of Christ Church Xenia. I was intrigued to hear more about your year of service from your mom.


  6. Photos look beautiful , i cannot wait to read more stories. You are in our thoughts and prayers, and sending good vibes your way. May the Great Spirit , Bless you and Keep you.
    Look forward to reading more. I am interested to know their cuisine and the culture of where you are. Thanks for including us.


  7. So happy you have arrived and are with Father Clayton and his family for a brief stay — a peaceful interlude to rest and take a few deep breaths before you start your service! I’m looking forward to learning more about your experiences; so glad you are sharing. (BTW, thank you for your heartwarming card…) Prayers and Joy! Bev


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