Out of Quarantine

Hello all! I hope you are well. I have now been officially home for 2 weeks, and since I am exhibiting no symptoms, I am out of quarantine!

Quarantine at home meant I mostly stayed in the basement, and was able to sit on the other side of the room for dinner time. It meant no physical contact, and pretty limited movement throughout the house. I was able to get some fresh air outside however, which was quite nice. Now that quarantine is done, I can live normally at home! It feels almost as though I’ve only just arrived home, and the last two weeks were just a settled limbo. Coming out of quarantine, we celebrated with a steak dinner, roasted veggies and Pimm’s Cup, with berries and whipped cream for desert. The extra celebration almost made the two long weeks worth it.

And just a few days ago I lived my own minor miracle. When I arrived in the US, my luggage did not arrive with me. All I had was my small carry on bag that had a few changes of clothing. I had spent almost two weeks contacting various resources to submit a claim for my bag with no success. I had started to give up hope and even started to try to plan out how to replace my clothes, when I suddenly got a call from the local airport! They called to say that my bag had arrived the day before, an although my external bag tag had been removed, they found my contact info in the luggage. So I went from accepting the loss of my bag to its appearance on my doorstep in the span of about 6 hours.

So I have a lot to be thankful for recently. I don’t know exactly whats in store next, but I’m glad to be settled back in at home.


3 thoughts on “Out of Quarantine

  1. Hello and congratulations for coming out of quarantine – rested and more rested!! (smile). Your celebration dinner sounds very well rounded and I am sure mighty tasty!! Your luggage seems like it’s been on a whirlwind “tour” also. Happy to be re-united with you.

    I have enjoyed peeking into your “world” – it’s been a pleasure to see the sights through your lens. One day I hope to meet you in person. Stay healthy and safe. Chandra


  2. Relieved to have you back home. Thankful you came home safe and sound. I so enjoyed your blogs. So admire you for going in the first place. Glad to hear your luggage finally caught up with you. Of course, if it had not, that would have been a good excuse to go shopping. 😉. Welcome home!!


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